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I regularly consult with small business owners (aka solopreneurs) on how to create a network and marketing.

The two are almost one in the same, aren’t they?

In a recent call, I was talking to solopreneur about organising webinars or teleseminars.

You can achieve a lot with teleseminar, but what if no one comes?

The same question with the book… What if you write a book and no one buys it?

My answer: THAT’S OKAY.

Perhaps the purpose of a teleseminar, webinar or book is NOT to get it in front of people, to let people buy it or even come (to a webinar or teleseminar) or read it (a book).

Let me give you an example: When I go somewhere to talk, I can speak in front of 100 people.

That’s not a lot of people! I don’t want to get on the plane, I’ll take about a week off my schedule (the trip can take a week… 2 days travel, presentation day, pre-preparation and catching up afterwards) to get in front of 100 people – especially if I do it for FREE! (I usually waive my fee to work clubs)

No money (or the ability to sell, but most of the time I don’t even move), all this time, just for 100 people?

It’s not quite why I do this.

Would I do it if it was 10 people? I have done this before (although I was told that there would be 100 people there).

Where is the value?

Here’s the value… And this is important so that you, as an independent entrepreneur, know, and for you as a job seeker, it is important to know:

The value is in pre- and post-marketing.

A group of 100 people… They can have an email list of about 4,000-10,000 people.

I want them (they) to TALK about me, my message, and my journey. I want them to email their group twice before I arrive and twice after I leave.

In every email message, I want a link to JibberJobber (the best and most important organizer for career management and job search) and my LinkedIn book (link to Amazon and/or my LinkedIn blog).

I know that I gave this work club organizer something to tell my audience about me.

And in addition to the 100 people who actually come, I get four contact points for the 4000 people on the list. This will result in:

  • sale of books,
  • JibberJobber registrations,
  • more evangelists speak of me,
  • zvedavosť a branding.


Randomly sending an email to 4,000 people is not a big deal. This would probably have a negative impact.

But for a TRUSTED organizer to send an email and let him say something like “JibberJobber is the best and most important organizer for career management and job search”, it’s really, really, really valuable.

My point is that I have given them something to talk about.

What can you talk about to your network?

What I’ve learned is that it can’t be one single thing or event.

Think of something you can do monthly or every other month where they can say “oh, that sounds great. And I will tell my friends about it…”

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